Group companies

Principal Poste Italiane Group companies

   Postel S.p.A.
Postel S.p.A. is the Poste Italiane Group Company that provides Document Management, communication and E-procurement services to business and to the Public Administration. This "Global Service" company was set up to meet the needs of every business or public body, offering customised solutions, optimising processes and cutting costs. It employs around 1300 people in 4 production facilities and offers numerous high-tech services. On behalf of its customers (totalling 8 million and including the leading Italian organisations belonging to the banking, utility, telecommunications and insurance sectors, as well as the Public Administration), the company deals with over 3 billion sheets of hybrid mail and electronically files around 1 billion documents.
Chairman: Giovanni Ialongo
Managing Director: Claudio Sforza

SDA Express Courier S.p.A.
Created in 1984 as a specialised express courier services for deliveries in Italy and abroad, SDA has been part of Poste Italiane Group since 1998. SDA has grown constantly and continually, and is today the ideal partner for managing distribution, logistics and distance sales. The services offered have grown year after year, thanks to a team of over 3100 people, including salaried employees and collaborators, as well as 5000 distribution workers in around 100 Operations Centres throughout Italy. The services offered are versatile and exhaustive: from international services to express services with a set delivery time, as well as dedicated, specialised services and specific technical solutions for e-commerce.
Chairman: Roberto Colombo
Managing Director: Walter Catoni

  Postecom S.p.A. 
Postecom is the company in charge of devising, creating and managing Internet and Intranet services. Since 2001 it has also been developing and integrating messaging services, online payment and collection services and document management services, as well as e-procurement, e-commerce and e-learning solutions. Postecom offers advanced digital signature solutions; the company is registered on the list of certifiers of the former AIPA, now CNIPA (National IT Centre of the Public Administration). Chairman: Mauro Michielon Managing
Managing Director: Vincenzo Pompa

 Poste Vita S.p.A
Poste Vita S.p.A. has been operating in the life insurance market for just over 10 years; it began its sales activity in June 1999. In November 2000, ISVAP (the supervisory body for private insurance) also authorised the company to operate in "branch III" of the life insurance sector (life insurance connected with unit trusts or indexes, Index and Unit Linked policies), and in September 2006 authorised it to also sell insurance products in branches I and II of the casualty insurance sector. Savings and deposits recorded so far by Poste Vita S.p.A. amount to over € 53 billion, for more than four million policies sold (figures at 31/12/2010). In 2010 Poste Vita achieved the highest turnover in its history: premiums issued totalled euro 9.501 million (comprising both the life and casualty sectors), a rise of 33.9% compared to the figure of euro 7.094 million recorded in 2009, thus allowing the company to reinforce its position on the market and increasing its market share by about two percentage points to almost 11% in 2010.
Chairman: Roberto Colombo
Managing Director: Maria Bianca Farina

BancoPosta Fondi S.p.A. SGR
BancoPosta Fondi SGR is an asset management company of the Poste Italiane Group registered with the Roll kept by the Bank of Italy. It sets up, promotes and sells open-ended investment funds, distributed by Poste Italiane through its network of post offices authorised to place investment units. The products offered are bonds and equities as well as guaranteed, balanced and formula investments; the financial management of the funds is entrusted to leading Italian and foreign asset management companies. Furthermore, BancoPosta Fondi SGR provides individual portfolio management services for the Poste Italiane Group.
Chairman: Francesco Valsecchi
Managing Director: Enrico Ajello

PosteShop S.p.A. PosteShop is the group's company which offers Poste Italiane's consumer packaged goods and merchandising destined for private customers and the self-employed. A number of sales channels are used, such as the "Shop in Shop" sales points within the main Post Offices, counter sales, direct and mail order sales, internet sales through the website and orders placed through the call center.
Chairman: Mario Cavallin
Managing Director: Vincenzo Pompa

Other Group companies

Europa Gestioni Immobiliari S.p.A.
The Company operates in the real estate sector in order to manage and develop property no longer used in operations and transferred from the Parent Company in 2001. In line with the type of assets owned, the service is mainly provided to large users, often from the public sector.
Chairman: Nunzio Guglielmino
Managing Director: Vincenzo Falzarano

Poste Tutela S.p.A.
Poste Tutela S.p.A, a wholly owned subsidiary of Poste Italiane, is responsible for developing, managing and consolidating integrated safety and security systems for the Poste Italiane Group. Poste Tutela supplies the organisational, coordination and management services pertaining to the movement of cash and valuables in all branches and Post Offices in Italy.
Chairman: Michele Scarpelli
Managing Director: Stefano Grassi

Mistral Air s.r.l.
Mistral Air, an air transport company, has over the years provided public passenger and freight transport services, recently extending its activities to include mail transport as well. Its fleet of aircraft, based at Ciampino Airport (Rome), provides cargo services primarily for Poste Italiane S.p.A. and TNT. Mistral Air offers reliable, specialist "All Cargo" services on a scheduled basis, in addition to its capability to rapidly organise charter flights on request. Reliability and safety are ensured by a team of highly skilled technicians, operating within an organisation certified at European level (Part 145). They also have the capacity to provided technical assistance to third-party customers.
Chairman: Francesco Pizzo
Managing Director: Riccardo Sciolti

Postemobile S.p.A.
PosteMobile, set up in March 2007, is a company which forms part of the Poste Italiane Group. Thanks to its integration within the group, PosteMobile is able to offer not only traditional mobile services, but a also a range of services which have no equal on the Italian telecommunications scene. PosteMobile's mission is to serve people, making their lives easier and helping them to build relationships. All of this is possible thanks to technology with a human face and innovative, simple, affordable mobile services.
Chairman: Claudio Picucci
Managing Director: Roberto Giacchi

Poste Energia S.p.A.
Poste Energia is a company wholly owned by Poste Italiane, set up in September 2007. It supplies electrical energy to cover the needs and rationalise the consumption of Poste Italiane and the other companies in the Group. Poste Energia operates on the free energy market.
Sole Director: Vincenzo Falzarano

Poste Assicura S.p.A.
On 25 March 2010, ISVAP officially authorised Poste Assicura S.p.A., the Group’s new casualty insurance company, to operate in the field of casualty insurance for the following branches: Accidents and Health, General Civil Liability, Fire, other damage to property, Assistance, Legal Assistance and Pecuniary Losses. The range of products offered by Poste Assicura S.p.A. can be divided into two major areas: Personal Protection and Property Protection. The Personal Protection products offer clients greater peace of mind in the event of an accident or hospitalisation as a result of an illness, guaranteeing payment of mortgage or BancoPosta loan instalments in the event of loss of employment, illness, invalidity or death. The Property Protection products protect clients from damage liable to threaten the soundness or value of their house or the block of flats they live in.
Chairman: Danilo Broggi
Managing Director: Maria Bianca Farina