Postepay Twin - English

The simplest way to send money home.
twin en Postepay Twin is made up of two cards: one to send money and the other to receive money. The cards ca n also be used for all your purchases and withdrawals throughout the world. You can buy them from any Post Office, and you can send the Postepay Twin to whoever you choose. Reload it and transfer money onto the card for just 1 euro.

PTo activate or block your card, you can call the numbers below, stating your card number and activation/block code: from Italy 800.90.21.22; from abroad +39.02.34980.131. Store your activation/block and refund codes safely. The Postepay Twin card allows you to: make purchases up to 2.500 euros per year; withdraw up to 1.000 euros per year.

You can reload your Postepay card at:
Post Offices throughout Italy
- Postamat ATMs in Italy
- Sisal shops in Italy
- , from the related Postepay card

And Postepay Twin can evolve! All you have to do is go to any Post Office with an ID document and fiscal code and you can turn your Postepay Twin into a nominative Postepay* card, with no reload limits, free of charge.

*Postepay prepaid nominative standard